Your Journey

Your Journey

In order to help people find the right information for them, we have put open access information in three sections:

  • Before Diagnosis - is for people who have not yet got a diagnosis of an increased risk of bowel cancer. They may be relatives who have heard that there is a diagnosis in the family. They may be people who are concerned that they have a higher risk of cancer and want to find more information about that.

  • Sharing the news – is for people who have been given a diagnosis that they have an increased risk of bowel cancer. This section gives information about who else might need to know about their diagnosis and what they might need and why it is important to share information with relatives. It also has advice on talking to children.

  • Living your life – has more information about some genetic diagnoses. It also has information about ways to reduce the risk of cancer through screening and lifestyle changes. It includes information about how insurance might be affected by a diagnosis.

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